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4 Essential Items in a Makeup Kit

  • Tuesday, 27 April 2021
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4 Essential Items in a Makeup Kit

The most important part of any makeup kit  is the concealer. Concealing your blemishes and imperfections is what makes a makeup kit so important. There are three main concealers to choose from: foundation, concealer, and eye pencil. The foundation should be used once daily and should not be used during the night as it will clog your pores.

Concealer is used over the top of your face so you don't see the blemishes. There are many different colors to choose from such as peach, brown, and even green. A variety of liquid, cream, and cream-based browser colors are available in many of the same shades as the concealers.

When using concealer, it's important to choose a concealer that is both lightweight and will not cake up on your face when applied. Two concealers that work well for all skin types are powder and cream. Powder will give you a clean appearance and a natural look while cream will give you a matte finish and can help hide blemishes. Most concealers consist of a brother and a matte foundation.

The third part of any makeup kit is color correctors. Color correctors are very important to give you that professional look and even if you have natural coloring you still need some color correctors for the workplace. Some of the popular colors to pick from are: blue eyeshadow, tan, light shade, pink, and green. You can buy palette kits that contain several colors or you can purchase a single palette that matches all your skin tones. Palette color corrector kits come with either liquid or cream color correctors.

Eyeliner is an essential in any makeup kit as it helps draw attention to your eyes. There are basically four different shades to choose from including neutral, light, dark, and accent shades. Shimmer can be used on both the upper and lower lids. You can buy concealers in either regular extended, or half-scoop shades. For the best effect you should purchase a concealer that contains both liquid and cream undertones to cover your blemishes and natural beauty.

The final piece of a great makeup kit is the primer. Primer will help your makeup stays on all day long and provide a smooth base for the color correctors and eyeliners. Some of the most popular primers include; HD Invisible Color Primer, Liquify Plus primer, and Urban Decay's Naked Primer. With your primer you can achieve a variety of looks including: matte, frosty, and creased. Makeup artists use primer regularly to help their clients achieve the best look possible.

4 Essential Items in a Makeup Kit

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