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Hair Styling Products - The Dangers

  • Tuesday, 04 May 2021
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Hair Styling Products - The Dangers

A hairdo, style, or haircut simply refers to the modifying of hair style, generally on the head. In some instances, this may also mean cutting of body or facial hair. These modifications may be intended for a particular reason such as enhancing personality, reflecting one's dressing sense, or simply because a person likes his or her hair style. Hairdressing has been around since ancient times, and it involves sculpting and changing hair to make it look good, prettier, and even more presentable.

Hair styling products include various things such as hair sprays, hair curling irons, brushes, hair styling solutions, and hair styling pastes. The market also offers specialized hair styling products such as leave-in conditioners, hair thickeners, mousses, body sprays, and hair masks. It is important that hair styling products are chosen properly depending on the hair type. It is important to choose a product that is suitable to one's scalp and texture of hair as well as one's face and skin type.

Hair styling products help in providing nutrition to hair follicles by strengthening it. They are also used to prevent hair loss, which is due to a variety of reasons such as excessive heat, chemicals used in hair styling tools, and frequent use of hair styling tools that are harsh on the scalp and hair. Most people do not know that one major cause of hair loss is due to one's diet. It is known that certain chemicals in hair styling tools, shampoos, hair pastes, and hair masks contain harmful chemicals that adversely affect the scalp. Such chemicals are often mineral oils and paraffin. Once such product is polyethylene glycol, better known as PEG, which is an extremely hazardous substance, especially when swallowed or inhaled.

The chemical compound is formed during the heating process of PEG, which is also known as surfactants, by the addition of surfactants which help in the transportation of dirt and oily flakes from the follicles of the hair. Some people have allergic reactions to this particular chemical compound which may vary from mild to severe. As a result, it has now been banned in the beauty industry under various section of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of California. However, some beauty salons continue to use it despite this legislation as a means of maintaining hairstyles.

However, there are other chemicals that are harmful to health and one does not need to be a dermatologist to know which of them to avoid when using hair styling tools. A popular example is the Bovine Growth Hormone, commonly known as BGH, which is a form of human growth hormone. One who suffers from this hormone disorder will notice that his hair starts falling off or breaks at a very early age. This is due to an imbalance in the production and distribution of this hormone, which eventually causes various health problems in the body including hair loss, obesity, and even diabetes.

Chemical residues present in hair styling products also affect hair texture, luster and health. They react with amino acids found in proteins and fats and form compounds called PEGs, which are known to cause allergic reactions like itchiness, redness, breakage, dandruff, flaking, and corrosion. Moreover, hair styling agents used in hair coloring processes like bleaching, perming and blow drying also damage hair structure and cause hair loss. Most of these toxic chemicals are released into the air when hair is processed in such a way. Therefore, hair stylists and other professionals who work with hair styling products must be more careful to use them in accordance with safety guidelines.

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