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iPL Laser Hair Removal Remedy - Does it Work?

  • Saturday, 08 May 2021
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ipl laser hair removal handset

iPL Laser Hair Removal handset Remedy - Does it Work?

An IPL laser hair removal handset is an amazing device that offers permanent hair reduction at a fraction of the time and cost involved with electrolysis.ipl laser hair removal handset The cost savings associated with the treatment are in direct proportion to the number of treatment sessions required to achieve satisfactory hair reduction. So, not only do you get permanent reduction, but you pay less! This article takes a look at what it takes to treat unwanted body hair.

In simple terms, the iPL device works by emitting short-wave radiation, which is highly effective for treating small areas of hair growth on the skin surface.ipl laser hair removal handset To do this, it requires several steps: the first step is to apply a skin cream to the area of the skin affected by unwanted hair. The second step involves positioning the iPL over the skin surface where there are hairs that are susceptible to removal; this will need to be done over a period of a few days to several weeks, depending upon the hair density and the follicle size. This treatment is undertaken while the patient is asleep, so the skin can be left to recover from the IPL exposure without being disturbed.

Once in position, the skin will be positioned over the iPL radiation source and a laser pulsed into the skin will target the treated area. The energy will heat up the oil in the sebaceous follicle and this will cause the follicle to collapse; the surrounding skin will contract and close over the follicle. The skin will then absorb the heat generated within the follicle and this will cause further shrinkage and reduction of the number of hair strands on the skin surface. Ultimately, this will result in the skin looking more refined and less bumpy and the hair gradually becoming thinner and finer.

The number of iPL treatment sessions required to achieve a level of reduction in unwanted body hair depends upon the individual characteristics of your skin. For people with lighter skin colours, iPL treatment may only require two or three iPL sessions, whereas people with darker skin colours may require six iPL sessions to achieve a satisfactory reduction in hair growth. iPL treatment also works better if the skin on the hands is smoother than that on the rest of the body; otherwise, the laser treatment may not be as effective. A well toned iPL surface will also reduce the chance of the treatment affecting the skin's surface and causing damage. This should ensure that your iPL treatment sessions are as close to perfect as possible.

iPL treatment does not affect the colour of the skin and the hair on your skin is treated in the same way as any other iPL hair removal treatment. iPL hair removal devices are also available for use on the legs; however, it is advisable not to go for such treatment sessions on such areas as the bikini line or the thighs due to the increased risks associated with such procedure. This is because the skin on the legs has a thicker layer and therefore, there are a greater likelihood of the device heating up the skin on such parts and therefore, causing permanent damage. The overall recovery time for such treatment is very short, which makes iPL treatment a highly cost-effective option for people looking for non-invasive hair removal solutions.

There are several iPL laser systems and technology providers in Australia; however, it is important to look carefully at the range of products offered before deciding upon the right iPL system for you. You must do so without prejudice, as even the most inexpensive system can have unforeseen side effects. It is important to get the best quality iPL laser product as you cannot afford to compromise on the safety of your skin. You must also make sure that the iPL laser system you are going to buy has been designed specifically to treat your hair removal needs. A top quality iPL system will consist of all of the necessary equipment and technology and should come with an excellent customer care service.

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